2010-09-17 | 00:54:34

Ordflumm vid midnatt.

What to write? Yes, I wonder that. You see, here I am, sitting in the middle of the night, doing nothing, when I actually should be sleeping. Yes, sleeping, like a normal person who does normal things instead of writing meaningless text in the middle of the night. Yes, so, here I am, nevertheless. Having nothing to say, nothing to do. Nothing smart to say. Nothing that anyone gives a damn about. So, why am I writing? Because I don't want to sleep, see those damn dreams. The dreams where nothing makes sense, where nothing is quite what it seems. Pink is blue, green is yellow. Now, that sounds like someone is on a nice trip. Maybe someone has had a nice magic shroom or two. But no, just those dreams where everything is upside down. Of course, not literally, I'm speaking - or rather writing - metaphorically. Because who gives a freaking damn about what I dream about, actually. No one. Maybe I do. Maybe my mother, if she knew, or if I bothered to tell her about it. But I don't, so I guess I don't get to angst about it on a silly website called "Write or Die". But hey, at least I'm not dead. Quite alive, I'd have to say. Yes. Maybe it's time to get a grip. I didn't come over to England, to freaking UK, my dream come true, to sit on the computer all day and do nothing but moan about having nothing to do. I've been here a month. A month. A whole month, and I've met one single person besides the hostfamily and their friends. But hey, that's life for a shy person. But it was brave of me to come to this crazy country where everyone is all smiley and nice and saying "Hello" when you pass by, even though they have no idea who you are. And everyone is so polite! But I guess that's a good thing, but it's just something I'm not quite used to. Which isn't a good thing. Grumpy ol' Finland should maybe come to England and get some tips on how to be nice and smile once in a while. On to another subject. I need new nail polish. At this instant. I love my nails right now, they're all nice and long and aren't breaking. Which of course is thanks to the nail polish, and not my new, superstrong nails, but that's a whole different thing. Speaking of things I need, I need to get new clothes. Have to buy more and more. Which sucks, because that is a bad quality in me. The need to buy things. The moment my bank statement goes KA-CHING I'm running of to the nearest shop and buying anything I'm getting my hands on. Anything. Really, anything at all. Like five pairs of yellow tights that I think I might need one day. Or a very, horribly pink lipstick that I would never in my life wear. "But it was cheap!" I'd say. Yes, well, life is, life happens.

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20, förvirrad, förälskad.

Jag är en tjej som bor lite utanför London och försöker hitta mig själv, mitt drömyrke och leva livet. Bor tillsammans med min fotbollsgalna, te-älskande pojkvän och tar dagen som den kommer.

TIPSY: rund om fötterna.

GUTTED: Irriterad, störd. I'm so gutted.

AUDACIOUS: Djärv, Dristig, Fräck.